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September 15, 2005


“Do NOT expect it to be easy. It hurts and that’s the bottom line. No pain, no gain.” – I totally agree with that! A lot of women, especially first timers get shocked after having a Brazilian wax. I think this is because they didn’t research enough about the procedure before they did it. As for me, I expected it to be a little painful because of the things I read about it on the internet. That’s why during my procedure, it wasn't that bad.

wow.. so sexy!

show a pic !

ohhh ya

It's ironic that this is known in the USA as "a brazilian" when in fact so few brazilian women are hairless. The name comes from a salon run by brazilian sisters that started this "trend", but in brazil it's very rare to find completely hairless women. You find a lot more in the USA, Europe, India and the Middle East.

Wow sounds painful! Yet i can't wait to actually try it, wierd i know. But thanks so much for the valuable info it really helped decide whether or not to do it..
bye <3

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Yes! so hold.

Thank for making this valuable information available to the public.

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Great! I'll try it sometime... =]

Very nice work, admin :) Good luck!


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ilike it

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i'll wax u


i like it but no movie one sad

Hi Ms Zigzag - funny braz-wax picture! I assume you had waxed a ZigZag-figure down there? ;-)

Grtz, Kevin

p.s. what do you prefer to see (and feel, and 'taste') on men? Completely smooth "down there" or some trimmed hair left there?

I'm a guy who has waxed my chest and back for 7 years now. I don't even wince as I'm used to it, and the hair follicles aren't as strong. Recently, I've had three brazilian waxes(one by an older woman and the other two by a young guy). LEAVE ALL MODESTY AT HOME!!! This woman used the regular wax on my balls and ass. That was extremely painful and my scrotum was bleeding. She said this is normal. She also made me lie on my back and hold my legs in the air. It was tough doing it that way. Also, during the waxing my cock hides. I wax as I am a amateur bodybuilder and don't like the hair on my body as it covers up my muscles.
So I went to this guy to wax me. I'm not gay but I figured I would try as the woman was very brutal on me. He used this wax on my scrotum and ass that was different than the other wax. He put small pieces on and it solidified and then he peeled it off. NO PAIN AT ALL!! The embarrassing thing was when he had me on all fours and put the pieces of wax in my butthole and it was hot and then it solidified and I think it was rubbing on my prostate. So I'm on my forearms and knees and I look at my limp cock and it is dripping precum. I was so embarrassed. He said not to worry as it happens alot. I told him I wasn't gay and he said you didn't have to be, but the warmth of the wax makes it feel good. So I recommend this wax for brazilians. I asked him if he does women, and he said "EWWW". I told him, I might need to learn how to do this.

i'm 20
& i've been waxin since i was 13 ;)

i totally love the results ..

cant emagine myself shaving down there

ewwww !!

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hee geile slet heb je zin om met me tre neuken moet je het even zeggen xxx

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hmmmmmmmm tasty

Could your show us a picture with the result?

There's nothing quite like a bald pussy. Thanks for sharing your story with us, while you may never quite understand it there is something strangely arousing to us guys about your desire to fully expose your labia and hopefully a little peek at your inner lips as well.

Oh, those wily Brazillians! What will they be waxing next???

Dayum now thats hot I prefer the completely shaven deal myself who wants to go down and end up with hair in thier mouth

Hot picture

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