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April 16, 2012


Hi! Glad to see you're back blogging again. I missed your posts and wondered what happened to you ZZ.

Tom - Thanks for posting. That IS a great metaphor.

Your website looks really cool too. I will read through it. How do we know each other? Did you work for the Gateway to College Program?

I appreciate your comment.

- zz

Thanks Erika!! it's great to have you pop up on my blog. I hope all is well. Maybe I'll see you and the family at Beloved this year?? xoxox

Great post! Thanks for sharing.

I once used the metaphor of "The Beach" from the movie to attempt to convince a woman I was dating (who falls under number 2) to move forward in our relationship. She's a avid traveler so I figured it would resound with her.

It went something like this: She's in Thailand, her travel schedule all prearranged but she hears a rumor about this amazing Beach; a once in a lifetime experience. Later on she meets someone who actually gives her a map; a map that has been shared with very few people. Does she stick with her prearranged schedule or regular tourist sites or does she check out the beach?

It actually worked, but what I forget about the movie that while their were some amazing transcendental experiences along the way, in the end the beach was an idealized experience that was still susceptible to human frailty. Oh well. :)

fun! Glad you are still keepin' it real!!
xoxo Erika Siegel

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